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quiz4fun was created in 2005. Our goal is to provide fun and education.


Our games...

Head2Head is a realtime quiz game where you can test your knowledge compared to others
The Race is a quick test with 15 random questions every Friday
Players Cup is a match tournament in the style of champions league with group rounds followed by a cup. You can only sign up in between two seasons
Tryouts is where you can test yourself in a subject
DailyQ is our monthly quiz with one question every day in the subject of the month
The Challenge is where you can start a simple quiz test with friends and colleagues
The League is our competition wherein you play quiz matches against other members



Head2Head is game where you play with your opponent in real time.
You can start the game by pushing the button ‘Start new match’ and then waiting for an opponent to arrive. Or you can click start button of someone who is playable after he/she has pressed ‘Start new match’ button.

There are six questions in a match. Both players take turns in choosing a subject from three alternatives that the computer gives.
If score is tied after six questions, computer will choose subject for tie-break questions. If the score is even after third tie-break question, then the match is a tie.

It is also possible to chat with others on the Head2Head page.

Two rankings are counted Head2Head matches, one with total points and another with points from current month.
Points are counted as follows:
-With higher ranked: 5 points for win, 2 for a draw and -1 for a lost.
-With lower ranked: 3 points if for win, 0 for a draw and -3 for a lost.
-Exactly same ranking: 4 points for win, 1 for a draw and -2 for a lost.
-Not finished match where you were trailing -3 points, regardless of opponents ranking.
-Match witch result 9-9 will give wining points to both players.
-You cannot have a total score below 0.

At night the total ranking is cut by 0.5% if you have played at least one match last day and 1 % for other members.
This is done to keep the top list fresh, you cannot rely on old merits.
Nightly reduction does not apply on the 'Top of the Month'-list. It starts from 0 every month.


In DailyQ participants get one question per day with e-mail.
Question must be answered in 7 days.
Remember that this is not serious competition. Time is not an issue; if you prefer to check how much you can already, do that. If you like to seek for the answer, that is okay as well. Everyone decides him/herself how to do DailyQ and there is no reason to complain what others do.

The League

The League is played with matches that players get with e-mail and in groups not more than 8 persons in a group.
Everybody plays each other once (expect in groups that had less than 8 players when the season started, in those groups matches are drawn every round separately). The winner of division 1 is the Champion of the season.
The League is a pyramid formed series with one division 1, two division2s, four division 4s and so on. Two best from every division are promoted to next level, the four with least points (half of the group) get down one level.

The questions in a League match are randomly selected. The players in a match both get the same questions, but the questions differ between the matches.
Player with most correct answers is the winner of the match. If the time difference is less than 10 seconds and the number of correct answers is the same, the match is a draw.
Match clock stats clicking when start button is clicked.
Clock does not click in between the questions, so that it is possible to read the comments to each question.
Questions must be answered within the maximum time that the League has.

Winner gets two points draw mean one point to both players. Exception: If you win a match with a score of 0 (the shortest time) you only get 1 point, not the normal 2. And if both players leave walk over, both are regarded as losers.
Player who leaves a walk over will get 0 right answers and maximum time.

If you have more walkovers than played matches in 2 consecutive seasons you will be excluded from the League.

Members can also start their own private Leagues where they can invite participants, choose subjects and administrate other variables (time, number of questions etc.) as they like.

The Race

The Race is played on Fridays, The GroupRace on Thursdays and the KidRace on Saturdays. KidRace is open for members who have their 15th birthday this year and younger.

The race consists of 15 randomly selected questions. Every player gets different set of questions.
Questions score depends on its difficulty (that the computer counts automatically depending on how many right and wrong answers the question gets). Right answer on a question with ‘easy’ rank gives little points, bur wrong answer to that gives many minus points. Right answer to ‘difficult’ question gives much points but wrong answer there gives only little minus.
If two players get same score, the one that has done the Race in shorter time is higher ranked.

Maximum time in the Race is 3 minutes. Clock is ticking only during the questions, not during the time that the comments are shown.

In the marathon table the winner of the week gets 30 points, second 25 points, third 31 points and so on. All who did the Race get one point, those scoring better than 0 get one extra point.

Marathon table in Group Race is counted only of groups, not by individuals.


QuizMaster is multiplayer game played in real time.
QuizMaster starts at times that are given in advance. Every week there is two QuizMasters that are open for all members (evening on Wednesdays and weekend on Sundays). On Mondays there is QuizMaster that is open only for women and Tuesdays one open only for men.

If the Master from previous wee does not attend a new master will be drawn.

QuizMaster consists of ten questions.
Everybody will get the same questions. Master chooses the subject of those three that the computer gives him/her.
Player who answers incorrectly is out of the QuizMaster.
Those no longer in the game will still be able to see the questions and watch the game but only as spectators.
Between the questions a table is shown. That tells who answered right, who wrong and who used a pass.
When the game is in progress the Master is always shown on top.

The player who is master on the tenth question (and answers it correctly) is the winner regardless how many others managed the questions and how many passes has been used.
If nobody makes it all the way the title will be vacant for next week.

Players (not the master) have on each round two passes, when they don’t need to answer.
The master has only one pass for entire time he/she is the master. If the master used his/her pass last week he/she will not get a new one this week, the all the answers have to be correct.

When the master answers incorrectly he/she will no longer be in game and a new master will be drawn. Draw is random and does not count passes anyone has used or not used.

In the QuizMaster it is not only knowledge that determinates the winner. Winner needs to have luck in a draw also, at least in the first time.

The Challenge

You can challenge your friends with e-mail on subject that you choose. Same challenge can be sent to up to 10 persons.
Winner is the one who answers most right, if that is equal, then the one who was fastest to that result.

The Cups

The Cups start with group games, where the rules are the same as in the Leagues.
Two best players in each group go on final stage, where the winner goes on until we have a champion. There are no ties here, with same result winner is the fastest player. If time is same the computer draws the winner when next rounds matches will be sent.


Tryouts is not a competition. It is change to educate and/or test you self. In tryouts you can also give grades and comments to subjects that others have written.

You cannot grade or comment subjects you have written yourself.

Hall of Fame points

Most of games generate Hall of Fame points.
Participation to The Races and QuizMasters gives one Hall of Fame point.
In Head2Head and The League give one point each month.
DailyQ gives a point for those who have answered at least 20 questions in month.
Participation in PlayersCup gives also Hall of Fame point.
Private competitions do not generate Hall of Fame points.

In some competitions more points are given on success.
In PlayersCup Hall of Fame points are given on those who go on from groups and to those who go to at least 16th finals.
In Category Cups winner gets Hall of Fame points.
In the League points are given to winner of each group, in division 1 even the runner up gets points.
In Head2 Head points are given to 20 best on both lists on each time the month changes. Three best on both lists get extra points.
In QuizMasters winner gets extra points and others who succeed to survive 10th question get one extra point.
In the GroupRace the best players of the winning group get Hall of Fame point.
In the Race those who get result better than 0 get an extra point, unless they have used maximum time.

In DailyQ there are no extra points for success.Home