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QuizMaster - weekend

Challenge the QuizMaster in 10 questions. If you make it and the QuizMaster fails you will get the chance to become the new QuizMaster. If the same player is master 3 times in a row he/she will be retired as Grand Champion.

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Starttime: Sunday 28/4 19:00 GMT

QuizMaster: vacant
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  • [12-23 19:09] Markontic
    Dear administrators The composer of Seasons is Antonio Vivaldi and not Joseph Hydn.You insist on this false answer and put us in uncorrect or wrong answer.Please reconsider that question on your board.Thanks in advance your Markontic
  • [05-28 19:12] Pistachio
    congrats Markontic :-)
  • [01-22 19:20] KMR
    Very long time since i was here - funny to win!
  • [01-01 19:14] Markontic
    I don't know why I missed the point with Mr Churchill.So I lost a gained competition Sorry this time Regards Markontic
  • [09-24 17:39] iaefcxgk
  • [08-14 19:21] juhni
    Markontic: Wellcome back from the mountains! Fresh air gives you fresh thinking! We had in Finland in july at least a few hot days!
  • [07-24 19:14] Markontic
    Congrats Yuhni we are the constant summer competitors.Regards from hot Belgrade In August I am going on holidays in mountains to get some fresh air Markontic
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